Here are some questions many parents have before they start their child in a Montessori centre.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have, we are more than happy to help.

Q. How often is my child expected to attend?
A. Your child is expected to attend the full day from 8:45 am – 2:45 pm. Children often start on 2-3 consecutive days and build up to 4 or 5 day enrolments from about 3 years old.

Q. Do you offer afterschool care?
A. Our teachers are on site until 4pm. Any additional care is on a casual, prearranged basis. We do not provide regular after school care.

Q. At what age should my child leave for school?
A. Ideally your child will attend with us until they are six years old. However, families who do not wish to continue with Montessori Education in the future would move their children from five years old. Even if you do not wish to continue with Montessori, you can speak with our teachers who will be able to tell you if they think your child is ready to move on or not. Some children do need a little bit longer to be ready than others.

Q. Do you take children after their fourth birthday?
A. This is dependent on spaces available and the child, as well as how long you would plan to be enrolled with us.

Q. How do you foster my child’s learning?
A. Children are intrinsic learners, they are natural explorers and have a desire to learn. Montessori is a child-lead philosophy. The Montessori Teacher, carefully prepares a rich learning environment, where children can follow their natural drive to learn. Teachers build strong relationships with the children, to find out what the child’s interests are. They will know how to guide the child to the next level.

Q. How will I know what my child has been doing?
A. In the afternoon, when you pick up your child you are invited into our classroom environment. At this time you will find your child may wish to show you something they have done during the day that they enjoyed. You can also talk to the teachers at this time with any questions or concerns you have. When you drop your child off at the gate in the morning you will be met by one of our teachers. This is also a chance for you to talk to the teacher about anything they need to know for the day or that you would like to know from them. Once a term we have a Montessori in action day, where you can book a short time to come and follow your child in the classroom. We also have a shared lunch at the end of the term, when the children can share things they have been working on with you.

Q. What information do you have available for me to decide if I want to continue with Montessori Education?
A. We are just down the road from Berhampore School which has a  Montessori unit within the state school. This provides education for 6-12 year olds, we have a copy of the Berhampore school booklet available. Berhampore School also runs parent information evenings for those interested in continuing the Montessori journey.

Q. Why do I drop my child off at the gate?
A. We follow the original idea of Maria Montessori, who founded a “Casa de Bambini” meaning a house for children. The school is the children’s space where adults are treated as visitors. By farewelling the children at the gate, they can learn how to greet the teachers, sort their own belongings, and start the day with their friends, without parent interruption. At the end of the day parents come in to pick up their child, allowing the child to show what they have been working on. This is also an opportunity to talk to the teachers.